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Under Pressure Drilling Help?

Do you require a constant gas supply but need a new branch?  contact our sales team to discuss under pressure drilling/hot tapping.

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Under Pressure Drilling

hot tapping - under pressure drilling on below ground gas pipe

Hot Tapping

Under Pressure drilling, also referred to as ‘hot tapping’ or ‘pressure tapping’, is a method of making a connection to an existing gas pipe without interrupting the supply or allowing gas to leak. It is used to form a new branch/connection to an existing pipework system without draining down the system. This means that the pipe can continue to be in operation whilst modifications or maintenance is carried out.  Hot tapping can also be used to add test points and sensors such as pressure sensors.

Gas Pipeworks along with our parent company J & U Services offer a broad range of services with an area that covers England, Scotland and Wales. This is to ensure that your projects are smoothly managed and supply is kept running when it’s needed.  With our under pressure drilling service along with underground moling options, we are able to connect new underground pipework and fix new branches to current lines whilst keeping disruption to a minimum.

If you need urgent gas work or new branches added to your current pipe whilst continuing your gas service our expert engineers are able to ‘hot tap’ your pipes to ensure gas supply continues whilst our gas engineers carry out the required works on your line.

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