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Plant room gas leak find and repair

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leaks

A Gas leak is a serious hazard that can cause harm to workers, buildings and the environment. Finding leaked gas can help to reduce these risks. Therefore when they are found gas leaks will need fixing straight away. If left the results can be disastrous and sometimes fatal!

Our team are experts in industrial and commercial leak detection. Finding leaks in properties nationwide, as a result, we save businesses thousands of pounds by finding and repairing their leaks.

Commercial and industrial Leak Detection uses a non-destructive solution to finding leaks, therefore causing minimal disruption to your business and any unnecessary shutdowns.

Our qualified expert gas engineers can test for pipeline leaks using state of the art gas leak detection tools to decide if and in some cases where a leak has occurred. Once the leak has been located using our special equipment work can then be carried out to safely undertake the decommission of the pipes using gas purge technics so the pipe can then repaired, tested and re-commissioned. As a result, it saves costs and the site can quickly get back to operation.

We have engineers nationwide across the UK we can quickly find and repair your gas lines anywhere in the country!

If you are concerned about a gas leak in your commercial or industrial buildings and plant rooms please call our emergency gas leak number on 07891 300 325 where we can advise on which actions to take and despatch a gas engineer to locate and repair the gas pipes.

Can you smell gas? Please take the immediate action:

  • Turn off meter/emergency control straight away and leave off until we have repaired the gas leak.
  • Put out all flames.
  • Aerate the building by opening doors and windows.
  • Do not use any electrical switches
  • Call our Gas Emergency Number

If you are a residential customer please call the National Gas Emergency number

Gas Emergency?

Contact us URGENTLY for a fast detection and repair.

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