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Clear drinking water from tap after chlorination & testing

Testing & Chlorination

Water Pipes

Once the main water pipe has been installed or replaced it is essential that the pipe is cleaned and tested that it is safe to use.

In order to safeguard water quality and public health, it is required that private supply pipes are chlorinated and tested. This is needed before a connection is allowed to the water main. Pipework chlorination is essential to ensure suitability and safety for the provision of drinking water.

Each chlorination starts with flushing of the system. Clean water is used in order to remove any debris. This provides a clean base for the chlorination to take place.

After the first flush of the water pipe, the system is filled with a chlorinated solution (minimum 50mg/l strength). The Solution remains in the system for a minimum of 1 hour. After this contact period has been achieved, engineers will neutralise the chlorinated solution and dispose of it safely. The system is then flushed through again with clean water to remove any residual traces of chlorine.

The system is then filled to capacity with clean drinking water, sitting once more for a minimum period of 1 hour. This final flushing water will then be sampled for chemical and microbiological analysis and the samples submitted to one of our laboratory partners to be analysed using UKAS approved methods to ensure the water is safe and clean to use.

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Along with our parent company J & U Services, who specialises in mechanical, electrical and gas engineering, we can carry out installations on main pipes in varied applications from industrial plants to commercial buildings, schools and leisure parks. All work is carried out by our certified engineers and is complete using approved safety guidelines to ensure that when working on main lines it is done both professionally and safely.

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