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Gas Emergency Information

At Gas Pipes (a J & U Services Company), we cover gas emergencies not only from our Stoke on Trent base but also nationwide.  With our network of qualified and experienced engineers, we can repair gas pipes any time of the day.

Below is some safety advice if you suspect a gas emergency.

If you can smell gas or suspect you have a leak. If you think you‘ve got a gas leak or can smell gas anywhere outside, leave the building or area and call the Gas Emergency Service immediately on 07891 300 325

If you smell gas, call the gas emergency number on 07891 300 325 (24-hour callout)

Smell gas?

If there is a gas emergency, or if a pipeline is struck (even if no gas leak has occurred) call us urgently: 07891 300 325. 24 hours a day.


underground water pipe repair and adjustment

Water Main Installation

The lifespan on water mains can be affected by many factors, such as; age and year the pipe was manufactured, traffic load above ground, the ground conditions where the pipe sits or the working pressure of the inside of the water pipe main.

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commercial plumbing & heating repair

Plumbing & Heating

We can carry out all types of plumbing and heating work as well as central heating systems and boilers. If a heating system is non-functional we are also able to arrange a short-term hire of a boiler heating system via our sister company Nationwide Boiler Hire whilst we carry out installations or repairs.

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Plant room and boiler pipework

Water Plant Room

As well as gas plants we are also specialists in Water Plant Rooms, installation, maintenance and reconfigurations.

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Clear drinking water from tap after chlorination & testing

Testing & Chlorination

In order to safeguard water quality and public health, it is required that private supply pipes are chlorinated and tested before a connection is allowed to the water main. Pipework chlorination is essential to ensure suitability and safety for the provision of drinking water.

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underground burst water main pipe repaired

Water Leak Repair

Many factors can cause water leaks in pipes, for example, the age and year the pipe was manufactured, especially the old cast iron pipes which was common to install many years ago. The weight of road traffic above ground could cause pipes to crush and split.

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Plant Room – Gas

With over 20 years of experience, we are also able to conduct a complete fit out of your plant room from planning using specialist CAD software right through to the installation stage and finished off with all safety check and certificates to ensure all work has been carried out safely and professionally.

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