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Live Branch Gas Connections

A live branch connection is a term when a branch line needs to be added to a main gas pipe. The gas is still present in the pipe and still in service and cannot be shut off. During gas works the gas supply should be shut off before carrying out any repairs or alterations to line.  We know that this isn’t always desirable or sometimes possible when a continuous supply is required.

Using our knowledge and tools our fully trained staff are able to carry out live gas connections. This can be carried out on both steel and underground M.D.P.E pipework anywhere in the UK.  If there is no option to safely close off the gas supply because an interrupted service is not possible then, in situations like this live connections can be carried out by using specialist technics like Under Pressure Drilling (Hot Tapping) or gas Squeeze Off tools allowing us to work on the pipes without shutting off the main gas supply.

The branch can be attached to the main line by welding or mechanical clamp. A full-bore isolation valve is then installed. The branch and valve are then pressure tested and a sealed drill rig attached to the valve. The pipe is then drilled while the valve is in the open position, the drill is then withdrawn and the valve closed. The drill is then removed from the valve and a blanking flange or plug fitted. This can be done without any supply shut down and does not require the gas to be purged.

Why Choose US?

Along with our parent company J & U Services, who specialises in mechanical, electrical and gas engineering, we can carry out branch line installations on main live gas pipes in various applications from industrial plants to commercial buildings, schools and leisure parks. All work is carried out by our certified Gas Safe engineers and is complete using approved safety guidelines to ensure that when working on main gas lines it is done both professionally and safely.

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