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Insulated steam main pipework in factory

Steam Main Installation

As well as gas pipes we can also carry out installation and repairs to steam pipes.  We carry out work throughout the UK and can replace pipes and repair leaks to existing pipework.  With our parent company J & U Services, we are also able to install complete boiler & steam systems through our electrical and mechanical engineering division.

Steam Pipe System in Plant

Steam System Audit

Just because the steam pipes have ‘been that way’ for a long time, doesn’t mean its right. In many cases, steam systems were designed long before there was any concern about energy efficiency. Systems may not have been installed according to design because of some problem in the field. Engineers have been  known to adjust designs on the fly – either something didn’t fit, got changed. Sometimes even an installer thought they had a better idea. Systems are often modified over the years; equipment, pipes and valves are moved so that they no longer perform in the way they were originally intended. All of these factors and more are reasons to expect that steam piping systems could be improved when the objective is better function and energy efficiency.

Unseen Problems Cause Downtime

Problems with steam systems are not always obvious as equipment may continue to function, although impaired. Some problems lead to premature failure of equipment, but it may not be obvious what the cause of the failure was.

If a facility has not had a thorough review of its steam distribution system by a competent expert, then there are likely many things that an audit would reveal.


Gas Pipe Works can audit your steam system to ensure it is running at optimal performance whilst ensuring it is being energy efficient helping you to save time and money.

steam boiler system fitted in plant room
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